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Children Matter!

Children Matter! is a new and different approach. We believe every family has unique challenges, we specially design each program to match the child and the family’s strengths and needs.

What is Children Matter!

Children Matter! Montgomery County is a high fidelity service, offered to youth and families in Montgomery County, Ohio. Children Matter! is here to help Montgomery County Ohio children.


Our Goal is to ensure children reach their full potential by improving access to care.

  • We create a single point of contact for the family and child to help coordinate care across all child-serving entities.
  • We believe every child has unique needs, so each program is specially designed to match the child and the family’s needs.
  • We believe that a wrap-around model helps kids & families find the right path to meet their potential and fulfill their greatness!

We Serve

Children Matter! is designed for children ages 2-18 .

Families are eligible for services regardless of income or ability to pay.  The Children Matter! program is free.

For more information call 937-534-1560 or vreinhard@southcommunity.com

Success Stories

A single mother of 3 children, client was 10 years old. The family struggled with boundaries in the home and communication barriers. Throughout the team process, youth struggled with not having a positive relationship with his dad. Team of supports were built to have a mentoring program involved, schedules and communication techniques increased. Family was able to graduate from the program

JD started in the Children Matter! Program in February of 2016. JD was in a foster home where the plan was fostering to adopt. JD struggled with building relationships, impulsivity and aggression at home, school and daycare. JD’s adoption was then finalized in September of 2016. JD is now no longer having Children Matter! Meetings at school because the impulsivity and aggressive have decreased tremendously at school and at daycare. JD is now participating in swimming lessons on a weekly basis that he received through the Children Matter! Program flex funds and is thriving. JD started the swim lessons in order to help increase his trust level with others. JD is on track for a graduation from the program in the near future.

A family with three boys, the client had an issue with lying and not following directions in the home. Client (11) and his younger brother were adopted and were both struggling overall in the home. The team process helped youth come up with strategies to reduce stealing in the home and out in public. The youth and family began to have fun with each other again. Youth was able to gain some extra responsibility around the house. Family was able to graduate from the program.


This is an amazing program, because you help put together a team of people that brainstorms goals, ideas, and solutions. You feel like you're not alone anymore, because you have a group of people that understands and truly wants to help you find what works for your unique situation.

parent of Children Matter! youth