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At South Community Inc. we are committed to giving back to our community. One of the many ways we do this is by working in affiliation/partnership with several Colleges and Universities. We place approximately 40-50 Undergraduate and Graduate students, a year, as well as Medical Students, Residents and Fellows.

We have knowledgeable and well trained site supervisors and field placement instructors who truly care about the student they are training. South Community takes pride in giving our students the best possible experience and strives to educate students to be exceptional experts in the field of Mental Health.

This is a winning situation for everyone! Students are able to learn from a well versed/trained staff of professionals who are dedicated to giving the best treatment possible and educate beginning professionals.

Students are great support for staff and bring new ideas for training and treatment which ultimately benefits our most important focus, our consumers.

We offer placements for students in counseling, social work or related fields. If you are a student working toward an associate, bachelor, master or doctorate degree and would like further information, please contact Barbara Crabill, Program Manager of Student Placements at the following e-mail address:

Current Positions

We currently don't have any jobs available. Please check back regularly, as we frequently post new jobs.

Success Stories

I am a recent graduate of the Master’s in Social Work program at The Ohio State University. I was introduced to South Community in 2012 through an internship requirement for my Master’s program. As a student at South Community, I was able to work with providers in many different programs including outpatient therapy, supported employment and the treatment foster care program. However, I spent the majority of my placement as an intern therapist. As an intern therapist, I was given the opportunity to work with students and families through South Community’s school based program. While a part of this program, I completed Diagnostic Assessments, individual and group therapy, family sessions, coordination and linkages for community resources, and cooperation with school staff and teachers.

I gained experience counseling and advocating for families from many different backgrounds and family structures. I was able to continue developing and utilizing skills including helping clients and families adjust after trauma, loss and grief, substance use, behavior modification, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, CSB/custody issues, and other challenges.

I was supported by another South Community therapist in the school program as well as a great program director. I was very pleased with my internship experience. At the completion of my time as a student at South Community, I had a year left in my program at Ohio State. Throughout the remainder of my education program I continued to remember the professional development provided through my internship. The experiences gained from working with South Community’s caring, committed, and hard working employees stuck with me. Upon graduation, I applied for an adult/youth therapist position and was eager to return to this great agency. I was accepted and am now a full-time employee!

I have and continue to highly recommend South Community to students interested in learning, developing, and applying advanced skills in mental health and addiction treatment at an agency making strides to improve the quality of life for so many people.

I recently graduated from Wright State University with my Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling. While looking for a site to be able to complete my practicum and internship during my Master’s program, I wanted to find an agency where client and family advocacy, multicultural competence, and employee dedication were of the upmost importance. After some careful consideration, I found this place to be, without a doubt, South Community, Inc.

All of the skilled therapists in South Community’s Youth Partial Hospitalization Program (YPH) welcomed me with open arms. With their wide and diverse range of theoretical orientations, the therapists provided a unique and invaluable experience, for which I am forever grateful. Throughout the experience, I became part of a team that was willing to do whatever it takes to meet the needs of the clients. In addition, I was given the opportunity to begin exploring the many entities that come together to form a well-rounded therapist, including appropriate documentation, assessment, collaboration, and therapy (on an individual, group, and family level).

A significant part of me also knew that I wanted to work with a child and adolescent population, on some level. Now, with my education including the aspect of a family background, I am in a position to become a catalyst for change for clients and their families. Again, I am incredibly grateful for everything that South Community, Inc. has provided me along my journey. Out of the many things I am grateful for, I can truly say that one constant, driving factor has been crucial to my success, to this point in my career. That is the family atmosphere of South Community.

I came into this field with the intention of giving what I can to the many families that I work with. Now, through the relationships I have formed with my fellow employees of South Community, I feel as if we have formed a family of our own. To simply recommend South Community to any student looking for such an experience, would not do this agency justice. I urge those interested in the mental health field to take advantage of everything the agency has to offer.

I am currently a graduate student at the University of Dayton where I am studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Almost exactly a year ago I began my practicum at South Communities Youth Partial Hospitalization (YPH). I chose YPH as my Practicum site because I wanted a challenge. It was my logic that if I could start my profession out in a more intense environment then later on in my career I could handle anything. I am happy to tell you that this theory panned out. I am currently in the final stages of my internship at YPH and words cannot express the growth that I feel I have made due to this programs diversity, community, and educational opportunities.

During the school year YPH is divided daily into two hours of tutoring and 3 hours of therapeutic groups. There are two hours of process groups as well as expressive, and skills groups, all of which are led by two staff members as well as interns. Each staff member brings their own therapeutic experience as well as tool set for you as the intern to learn from; from the wonderful humanistic mixture of kindness and assertiveness to the more cognitive approach. My first few months at YPH were spent writing notes (during groups) of amazing verbalizations therapists used to approach a problem. I felt as though I was in my theories class, but instead of learning only the meat and bones of the theory I was able to see it play out live in the therapeutic realm. At first it was a bit intimidating to be surrounded by such professionals, but soon I found myself thinking the words that they were saying before they said them, as well as watching them nod along while I spoke, knowing we were on the same page. I felt and feel supported at YPH, just as many of the clients of varying ages and diagnosis’s do as well.

The differences in the makeup of the therapeutic team helps to provide the clients with a plethora of personality types, genders, and ages, which is important. As a child may not connect with one therapist, there are many others that are there to provide them with a connection that can help guide them to the road to recovery. Varying in age from seven to eighteen years old the youth of YPH are all in different stages of development. They have varying needs, problems, and diagnoses, but somehow through all this difference YPH provides these children with a safe place. A place in which they are able to connect to one another, learn empathy, commonality, and most importantly for some, acceptance.

YPH has become more than an educational opportunity for me, it has become validation that I chose the right profession. It occupies quite a bit of your time, energy, and patience, but it is worth every ounce that you put in.

How to Apply

With a multi-disciplinary professional staff of over 150, South Community provides numerous clinical and professional career opportunities. South Community invests in staff development by providing a number of training opportunities throughout the year.

We offer full-time, part-time and temporary positions and provide an excellent benefit package. The qualifications vary, depending on the type of position.

Listed below are the current available positions. If you are responding to a position by email, be sure to put the POSITION TITLE in the subject line of the email.

Submit current resume to:

Human Resources Department
South Community Inc.
3095 Kettering Boulevard
Dayton, Ohio 45439

We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package. If you would like to work with dynamic, independent thinkers and are not afraid of working hard to become part of our growing success, then we want to hear from you. Due to the expected volume of applicants, we will be unable to take or return telephone inquiries about the positions available.


We currently work with the following universities, to place students:

Capital University
Cedarville University
Kent State University
Sinclair Community College
The Ohio State University
University of Cincinnati
University of Dayton
University of Toledo
Wright State University
Wright State University
Xavier University
Central State University